Tellus Angel's Foundation

About Us

opening in 2020
Giving each person a voice

Every person has a story to tell

Living on the streets is not easy. Each person makes unique choices everyday to survive. We give the people the tools they will need to tell their unique story and create future income for each individual we help. 

Poor homeless man or refugee sleeping on the wooden bench on the urban street in the city, social documentary concept, selective focus

No home

Temporary housing

We provide temporary housing while they wait for public housing


No job

Working with their skill set

We work with the persons skill set to find job placement that the person will enjoy. We also provide skills training for those who might not have any developed

Beggar sitting in the street waiting for coins


No person is left behind

Even after a person is placed in public housing and has a job, we continue to provide guidance and support.  


The grace of humanity

“Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?”

“If you cannot find faith in humanity, be the faith in humanity.”


Homeless tents line the sidewalk along 1st street in the shadow of Los Angeles City Hall Wednesday, June 26, 2019.   (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

Helping People


Cities are now removing the homeless

Instead of helping the homeless, regional government authorities are busing the homeless from the city into other regions of the country. This does nothing to fix the situation. 

We help the homeless with shelter and viable skill set training. Our focus is 100% on the individual to create a personalized plan that will benefit them into the future. 

Helping the forgotten

All alone

The founding of Tellus Angel's

There are thousands of temporary programs that help the homeless. What separates the Tellus Angel’s Foundation?  We work with the persons own skill set. We find out what their talent is and work with them to develop that talent into viable income.  We will stand by and advocate for the individual even after they find a job and placement. We leave no one behind. 


Coming in 2020